Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why can't these assholes ever just call a spade a spade? In this here article, a whole bunch of guys, from Cutler to Bates to Lynch to Bailey just keep saying, "it's the little things" over and over again. I already alluded to Shanahan's press conference, where he said that he's "not worried” about the state of his team going into the bye, and that major changes will not be made to the defense. We’ve just got to get better at what we’re doing.” I call shenanigans. Why can't one person just man up and say, "look, we fucking sucked. We know we sucked, you know we sucked, and we have to correct our suckitude." Because it's an insult to every fan on the planet to just say that it's about the little things, and just stay the course. a 38 point loss is not a little thing- it is a very big thing.
And this from Mason's latest nugget of wisdom:
"Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter chimed in from the back of the room.
Trotter: “Did you see any quit out there?”
Shanahan: “No, I didn’t see any quit, did you?”
Trotter: “I saw a couple of guys that maybe didn’t want (to be out there).”
Shanahan: “Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t think you saw any quit.”

Shanahan then reiterated a point he made about the loss being on his shoulders, said “Thanks,” and walked away. Normally, Shanahan will look around and say, “Anything else?” before saying “Thanks” and leaving the podium. Accusing players of quitting — or even inferring the idea — is to attack at the heart of a player or coach’s existence; it’s like a below-the-belt punch in a boxing match. That’s something you just don’t ask right after the worst home loss in nearly 41 years. Emotions are as raw as the second-half weather Sunday. Scabs have yet to form. The blood still squirts from new wounds."
Although the timing may not have been great, the fact remains- Brandon Marshall fucking quit. Once again, to say, as Shanahan did, "I don't think you saw any quit" is a goddamn insult. Listen, mutherfucker- don't you tell me what I did and didn't see. Anyone who was watching could see that he quit. To tell me what I saw makes you either a liar, an idiot, or a complete egomaniac. Which is it? I'm done defending this organization (whatever meager defense it was to begin with). Fire the lot of them and Hire Cowher. Or Schottenheimer like my buddy Chad Peter says, or anyone.
...actually- don't hire Schottenheimer. Ever. screw Chad Peter.


Jewger said...

You might be able to lure Ted Kotrell away from SD to be the new head coach. But I say, fuck that, he's too good. What's Rich Kotite up to these days?

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