Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Edgerrin James is Tough

Normally, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to make fun of an extremely large pro football player from Miami, but Edgerrin James doesn't know where I live, so fuck him. Here's a quote from Michael Silver's latest si.com article:

The feeling of excitement hasn't abated, with one very tangible signal of
change: On Whisenhunt's recommendation, tightfisted Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill
spent $200,000 to upgrade the weight room in line with strength and conditioning
coach John Lott's communal, Olympic-style approach. "Great for team chemistry,"
James says. "It has that prison-yard feel."

Now I don't know how many prison yards Edgerrin James has been around, but I consider myself something of an expert. I haven't been to prion or anything, but I have seen every episode of Oz, both Scared Straight movies, and an episode of Malcolm In The Middle where Reese goes for a get tough prison program. Obviously, I'm a damn expert.

That's why I have no problem saying that prison yards aren't typically great for team chemistry, unless by "chemistry," he means lots of shankings and butt rape. But what do I know- maybe that's what passes for rookie hazing right now. I bet Leinart would sell for the most packs of cigarettes. Further, I'm guessing that the "Olympic-style" weight room is a little better equipped than prison yards. I think prison yard weight sets are just big piles of rocks and pick axes to break those rocks, whereas Edgerrin James finishes lifting and sits in a hot tub while hookers feed him grapes. At least that's what my weight room experience was like when I was in the Olympics.

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