Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And if you say you did, you're a damn liar. I'm not talking about the win. I'm talking about Pittsburgh completely abandoning the run game despite facing the worst run defense in the world. Doesn't it seem like a lot of NFL coaches outsmart themselves? It's like Shanahan running the up back into the line in the red zone. "We don't want o do what they would EXPECT or anything" Well, who gives a shit if the opposition expects it, if they can't stop it?

  • Dre Bly. One pick, and what should have been three more despite playing on a bum shoulder.
  • Jay Cutler. The picks don't really bug me. As I've said before, I pretty much expect one or 2 piss poor decisions a game. But he did a good job avoiding the outside rush and getting the ball to his weapons, his biggest of which (Javon Walker) wasn't active. And what about that run? Hilarious. I nicknamed Cutler "I think I can" during that run. Chugga chugga chugga chugga...
  • The lines. Both of them were pretty good. The O-line is decimated by injuries but did a generally good job in pass protection (not so much in the run game). The defensive line was getting consistent pressure all night (Dumervil most of all), even though Roethlisberger did a pretty good job moving around in the pocket. I keep reading about how the Broncos finally started blitzing, but I didn't see it. As John Madden reminded you on every play, Denver played a lot of cover 2 with the linebackers dropping into coverage. Most of the pressure came from up front.
  • The prevent defense. Has there ever been anything in the world that failed more consistently than the prevent defense? Why do teams continue to use it? Cowardice is the only answer.
  • Dan Graham. He had one great catch and a nice block downfield, but he was pretty pathetic in pass protection.
  • John Lynch. He is an embarrassment. A big personal foul and another week of consistently coming in after he play to do little more than help up the opposing ball carrier (heh- ball carrier).
  • Arsonists. Seriously- pretty much all of Southern California is on fire, an a lot of them were purposely set. I understand crimes like theft. Who wouldn't want a free Escalade? But crimes like arson and vandalism just seem pointless to me. You don't get anything for it, and it causes a lot of problems. Do you just hate California? Because SoCal is a pretty chill spot. We've got the porn capitol of the world (AKA my bedroom. At least that's what your mom said), we've got sweet beaches and USC song girls and Randy's Donuts. there's no reason to light it on fire. The air is shitty enough as it is.
The chick who was here on Sunday thinks Shanahan's face looks like bacon, so she dubbed him Bacon Face, which you can expect to read around here, because it really rolls off the tongue. She may care more about the handsomeness of Champ Bailey than anything that happens during the game, but she can spin a joke. Literally A joke, because that was pretty much her first and last one. Has there ever been a funnier commercial than the Aflac commercial with the goat? I say no. I LOL literally every single time that goat comes out. Nah! nah! nah! I have no idea what Aflac is, but I will definitely purchase their product or service. Of course, I also laugh when a football announcer says "penetration" so maybe I'm not the best representation of humor. Also great is the movie I am currently watching- Happy Feet. Penguins are fucking awesome. I want a pet penguin.

Oh, and in closing- GO ROX!

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Commish CH said...

yo dude, Bacon Face cuold be the best nickname Ive heard since LaMont "Big Dummy" Warren plowed through Folsom Field.

And yes, goats are funny. Just like rubber chickens and raider fans

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Yeah, "Bacon Face" is fucking awesome

Chad said...

I think I can... I think I can...

Great, now I'm not going to be able to watch Cutler run ever again without busting a gut.