Friday, October 19, 2007

So it looks like Simeon Rice has been talking to Darryl Gardner, because yesterday he went off on the Denver coaching staff. you can read the article for yourself, but here is the most relevant quote:

"I'm really just trying to lock myself in and just make it through the year
because I have no idea why I've been brought here - at all," he said. "Things
have been said. Things have been promised. Things have been told. And I'm at the
point where I'm ready to perform and help this team out. They don't have
anything like me on this defense. But it is what it is."

Really, I think a lot of people had no idea why you were brought in. And here's my favorite quote: "I ain't going to nobody. I've already conversated," he said. Really? Conversated? Jesus Christ athletes are idiots.

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